The spooky presence that won’t go away…

Updated (Org. pub 10/21/17)

Experiencing the presence of dead people? Read my first post here.

One day a few months ago I was reading about the unsolved murder of a woman named Mary Traversa back in the 90s. The story stuck with me because in many ways it reminded me of my own mother’s murder, which also occurred in the 90s.

shutterstock_125332187Lario TusPsycToday
Shutterstock/Lario Tus/Psychology Today

Both Mary and my mother were in their 40s. Both had recently embarked on exciting new lives. My mother had moved to Arizona to be closer to my grandparents and to attend nursing school. She wanted to work in a hospital with newborn babies. It had been her dream for many years and she would have been great at it as she was very nurturing. She was scheduled to start classes within weeks of her death.

When I read about Mary’s story, it seems she had also picked up and moved to a new place, from Illinois to sunny Orlando, Florida. She had hopes of of starting a new life in a new town working in the infamous hospitality industry.

After reading about Mary’s story I started seeing her often. I traveled to the area where she was killed, since it’s not far from where I live (the vehicle she was driving was forced off the road by gun shots and then it burst into flames with her still in it!)

I even sent an email to the detective that originally worked the case. That has not seemed to satisfy her and I feel like she’s getting more persistent…. I’m seeing her more often now and she seems upset. I don’t feel like she’s upset with me though, so I don’t exactly feel frightened, but I’m very apprehensive and not sure what to do.

For people who’ve never experienced anything like this I’m sure it sounds absolutely crazy, but I’m telling you it’s 100% true.

**Update: I moved about 40 miles north of where I was living at that time. She never haunted me again. I think about her often though.

Seeing dead people? A hauntingly true story for Halloween


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