Florida flowers: Beautiful red hibiscus

I’ve had my eye on a few particular hibiscus plants for a long time. They aren’t too far from my house so I go by them all the time. Red is my favorite color and these flowers just seem to pop out at me like an old friend.

They’re located in front of an Italian restaurant that doesn’t open til lunchtime so if I’m going to take photos I go by in the morning so no one there thinks I’m weird or runs out yelling at me. That’s my social anxiety for ya. People freak me out sometimes until I know for sure they are going to be cool. Why can’t people just be cool all the time?? I guess we just don’t live in that kind of world.


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  1. I love the tropical feel to Florida gardens. I have had many a glass of wine sitting around Florida gardens. It is my happy place. I have been known to make my husband stop while driving so I can take pictures of flowers (or weeds like the elegant Queen’s lace).

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  2. I make my husband do that too, lol. Yes, I love that Florida has year round flowers and greenery. When I lived up north I would get so depressed in the winter. 🌺


  3. Hibiscus are such gorgeous flowers and that is a luscious red. 🙂

    I’m fortunate enough to have 3 hibiscus trees – a ‘double’ red just that colour and 2 very pale pink ones. We are technically in Winter here and all 3 are still flowering. 🙂

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