The beautiful and the dramatic, woman in red

A few weeks ago I posted some awesome photos of dramatic black wedding dresses. While I was checking those out I also saw all these beautiful red dresses and gowns. Red is my favorite color so I knew they would end up in a future post. Here they are. Aren’t they just magnificent!

 red wedding dresses
women's red gowns and dresses

**This post is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be an endorsement of the products listed. Please shop responsibly.

Florida foliage: Egyptian Starcluster

Famous Floridians: Bob Ross


  1. Wow. Absolutely Amazing dresses! Love them. Red is my favourite colour too. Specifically the vibrant Coral Red colour. I went to a wedding of a girl I worked with in Greece in London many years ago and she got married in a beautiful vibrant stunning red dress. It was such a cool wedding and red flowers in her hair. Reminded me of the Paula Yates dress.

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  2. These are magnificent! Not sure but don’t brides in India and parts of China, or is it Japan, wear red on their wedding day as it’s a lucky colour. I think you should wear whatever you want on your wedding day, it’s your day after all.


    • I think so, Indian clothing is usually always so colorful, even for the men. I love it! I think Western culture is the only one that does the standard white wedding dress.

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