1. Yea it surly is a social world we live in today. Being careful about what we say. For me that is one of the best ways for me to network with like minded people is interacting with them on social networks.


  2. Personally I hate Ads. And some websites are so full of Ads that it’s kind of unbearable to stay on the site. Honestly I don’t hang about on sites full of ads or go back as my purpose when going online is to read stuff and not to see Ads. Ads are the main thing that make me stop visiting a site. It’s like going on a site and being hit by different sales people from all angles. Ad Free sites are bliss.

    I recently upgraded from a free WordPress site to a paid one with a domain name to disable ads. I haven’t a clue how anyone makes money online. I’ve spent money to have a site and I am terrible at making money. Ha. I started my blog to be creative, challenge myself and teach myself web skills and try to connect with other people into travel and creativity and spirituality and nature. Maybe in the future I will magically be able to generate income from the things I love doing or writing about. But Ads are a no go for me. Good Blog post. 🙂

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  3. On wordpress I think one of my blogs has wordpress ads, to be honest I have no clue how it works.
    I think making money depends. If it’s your business good for you, I hate blogs that pretend to be just blogging but really are all about advertising different products, but that’s just me….

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  4. I’ve got ads running on my blog. The thought behind them was to recoup charges for the service provided by WordPress. Unfortunately, in six months the return has been around $10 – I’m now contemplating disabling them, as they do get quite annoying.

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  5. For me, blogging is “just” a pastime, as I earn a living elsewhere, though I don’t begrudge others their attempts to make it lucrative, even when, strictly speaking, they don’t “need” the money.

    Then there are others like my friend, who derives her income from her blogs. I’m a bit astounded, still, people can do this, but my friend and others prove it’s possible.

    That’s the market’s hidden hand – rewarding those who couch their appeals for money in the most pleasing, creative manner. And so it is with many aspects of life, not just blogging.

    Creativity and discretion, vying for influence. Thus the minuet unfolds…

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