The writing biz: Have you published content on Medium?

I recently started posting a few pieces on So far I’ve done two reposts from this blog and one orginal, which I’ve linked to below.

Just wondering if anyone here has also tried writing content for Medium. My burning question of course is whether it’s legit or if inviting all writers to publish on the platform is just a ploy to sell more subscriptions?

Anyway, here’s my piece from Medium. It’s a rather embarrassing story of needing to ask people to forgive me: Forgiveness: The fine art of the apology.



  1. Medium’s legit, but to make money you need to get people to notice your posts, and I find that’s harder to do on Medium that it is on WordPress. To get noticed, you have to a) have a post picked for curation so it gets put on Medium’s topic pages, b) submit your post to a publication that will give you a built in reading audience, or c) have a bunch of followers. Getting followers is harder as a non-member since you’re not able to read and interact with other people’s posts.

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    • True. I’ve gotten a few notices that someone has mentioned me in their article. This always includes something about buying a subscription too though so it kinda seemed hokey to me.

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  2. I must admit that I wouldn’t be able to sleep the night after writing something like that and not apologizing. I usual find people quite forgiving, if I apologize for an injustice or something stupid I did.
    Some people don’t believe in apologizing and just go on with their lives, but I think an honest apology clears the air. If somebody is unwilling to accept an apology … so be it … you win some, you lose some … 🙂

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    • Yes, one thing I’ve learned well from battling a mental health disorder myself is being able to apologize when I know I messed up… and also when to walk away from people who don’t have my best interests in mind. 🙂

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