Memo at midnight: What the f— is going on?

Do you ever get to a point where nothing in life makes sense anymore? You may feel completely fatigued and debilitated by life.

Life seems to go so well for some people. Why then can it be so troublesome for others? Working hard and being a decent person doesn’t always bring about the magic school bus for everyone. You can do everything right and still get kicked in the teeth by life.

This is the point when I think of the movie Castaway. I love the film but I abhor the end and often don’t watch it because it’s so gut wrenching. There is one part I love though at the very very end when Chuck Nolan says he knows what he needs to do now… just keep breathing. “Because tomorrow the sun will rise and who knows what the tide may bring?”

When it feels like there is nothing else to hold on to, there’s always that… just keep breathing. What is life without that little shred of lingering hope?

Memo at midnight: Love everything ❤️💕

Memo at midnight: Love the world, beware the lion


  1. Aside, perhaps, from an overall plan, the universe largely functions at random. Despite that, trends do emerge.

    However, the longer bad news persists, the less capable it is of sustaining itself. The odds – balance – can be defied only for so long.

    Each minute the nighttime drear deepens is another minute closer to dawn’s return. Of course, it’s difficult to appreciate this when you’re amidst a slump, but looking back, in the fullness of time…

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