Reblog – Hypnosis and Mental health: The Inspiration Behind Arcturus and Solis

Hypnosis as a cure for mental health disorders? I found this article interesting about treating pain through hypnosis. This led me to wonder about treating mental health problems with hypnosis. I discovered that there is actually a term for this called hypnotherapy. Just wondering if anyone has tried this or is thinking of trying this.

Denver Arc

By Joe Jackson, Managing Director and Founding Member

I started being interested in mental health around 2005/2006 shortly after I was crushed by a fork lift truck (pro tip, don’t do this*) which left me with mild but near permanent chronic pain. I was looking around for ways to combat this and happened across hypnotism actually at an NLP conference with Dr. Richard Bandler. I am sure everyone has seen the trick stage hypnotists do where they get people to eat onions but because they believe they are apples their eyes don’t water and so on. I asked around to see if that principle could apply to pain. Happily, it absolutely can. Even though my left side is technically (well, OK, actually) wrecked I can still get out and about pretty well and don’t even notice there is anything really wrong unless I overexert myself at which point I get…

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    • Yes, I would like to try it although I tried hypnosis once and they couldn’t put me under. Apparently 25% of the population can’t be hypnotized. I only tried it once though.

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      • Which is once more than I tried it. Hypnotists have various techniques, though the stereotypical “You are getting sleepy” always seemed to be ineffective, not to mention stupid, to me.

        Do you mean to say that’s not what they tried with you? And rich people don’t carry bags with a big dollar sign on them? Poor people don’t wear barrels?

        Apparently, most of my ideas of what the world is like come from 1930s cartoons.

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        • Lol, you really can’t beat the original Looney Toons cartoons. They were the best.
          No, I was at one of those hypnotist shows where they invite people up to be hypnotized so they can do silly and embarrassing things. I was really disappointed when I wasn’t able to be hypnotized. I so wanted to do stupid things I had no control over, lol.

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