Blogging bits: The Es of blogging success and the Matthew McConaughey-factor

Something weird but kinda cool has been happening lately… people have begun asking me how to grow their blog following.

I suppose this makes sense. Since March of this year my subscription rate has averaged 100 new subscribers per month… not exactly Martha Stewart kinda popularity but it’s not too shabby I suppose, especially considering I’m just a coconut-obsessed mental case from Florida.

So, I thought I woud come up with this little list designed to encompass many of the things we bloggers can do to make our blogs as successful as possible. To make it easy to remember, and a little more fun for a word-nerd like me, I decided to use a lot of E words… as well as something I’m calling the Matthew McConaughey-factor.

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The Essential E: Engage – Most of us start our blogs with the same aim… we want to connect… preferably with a slew of beloved readers. However, unless you already have the Matthew McConaughey-factor going on for yourself you’ll need to do some work to build your street cred.

(What is the Matthew McConaughey-factor? MM is a man who can use his personal leverage not only to sell movies tickets but also luxury cars, cologne and other such things. Let’s say he gets the idea to start a blog about how to be a hunky desirable man. He’s already got years of experience at this and thus his blog would most likely be instantly successful. Got it?) 

You may be surprised to know that writing and maintaining your blog is only roughly half the work of blogging. You’re joinging a community. Envelope yourself in that community. Get to know the people there. Get involoved with social media. Believe it or not, this can actually be one of the most personally satisfying aspects of blogging. Engage, engage engage…

The opptional Es

Here are some additional elements you can try to employ in your blog postings to help elicit and entice interest. Great content is the key to blogging success!

Educate – Teach all the brainy things you know to other people. We need all the help we can get.

Elucidate – Similar to education but more fun and inspirational. Can you bring light to a dark subject?

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Entertain – Let’s face it. Entertainment is a high priority for most of us. It’s how we blow off all that steam from doing so much work. What can you do to entertain the masses? (Stuff that may get you arrested doesn’t count.)

Encourage – Encouragement is always needed when people are struggling to get through a myriad of life’s b*llshit.

Equate – Individuality is something to be praised. However, we also have a strong desire to find people who we can relate to by sharing similar experiences.

Elevate – Make someone’s day bigger, better, brighter!

Expose – Expose people to new perspectives and new ways of looking at things… You can also expose lies, myths, scams, etc. Whatever.

Explore – Take people with you on a trip to the Amazon… or the local grocery store… the latter could be fun too with the right angle.

Expand – Expand people’s thinking on topics that tend to be narrow in scope. Mental health is one of my own personal favorite cerebral cortex expansion projects.

Empower – Inspire people to greatness. It’s really one of the single best things you can do with your time. Just remember to use your power wisely.

Elevate – Elevate someone’s well being or their thinking on a particular subject.

Experiment – Write experimental fiction, experiment with topics and forms.

Elliminate –  Helping to elliminating stereotypes in every aspect of life is always needed!

Evaluate – Evaluate products, books, etc.

Excite – Bring enjoyment and excitement to someone’s day!

Eggsooztentuate – Just kidding… this isn’t a word!

Happy blogging!!

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  1. Oh, Joann, I’m sorry, I just need to let you know something I recently discovered. The Jimi Hendrix name is copyright protected and trademarked. If I write this blog on Jimi, I could get sued or get into some other legal troubles which I cannot afford to have right now. I am going to delete the blog to prevent these things from happening. I’m very sorry. Thanks for following me anyway. I might return sometime in the future, if I have enough time to create a new project. Thanks for everything.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You are right. 😀 I woke up this morning and I felt so happy to have an outlet for writing. Everything will come together as long as I keep trying.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a wonderful post! 🙂 I really enjoyed reading about the tips to make a blog successful. They’re all tips which can help others learn and grow, which is a wonderful thing. I think educational and inspirational blogs are a great idea.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This was so fun 🙂 I was thinking about an ‘expose’ section. Since I started blogging I got so many ideas. For me it a nice way to process all the brain activity I have and when someone can connect to that it is a win-win!

    Liked by 2 people

    • You should definitely explore those ideas. I find that blogging about different topics instead of just the same thing all the time keeps me (and hopefully readers) from getting bored. 🙂🍃

      Liked by 2 people

  5. Definitely attest to the Essential E, Joanne! It’s to the point now that the discussions “afterward” are more varied and extravagant (hey, there’s anther ‘E!’) than are the original post. What I write initially is but a starting point; once posted, you guys give it wings!

    Oh, and regarding “Eggsooztentuate,” don’t be so sure it isn’t a word. Have you checked your German-English dictionary lately? Those Germans love to run letters and words together.

    Liked by 2 people

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