Best of Halloween on Pinterest

I’ve been quite busy with my day job for the last couple of weeks so haven’t had as much time for blogging. Please enjoy these awesome photos and ideas from my Halloween Pinterest board. Visit me on Pinterest for more!

By the way, I keep hearing about this group thing…

…get your mind out of the gutter! I mean this group thing on Pinterest. I don’t have 10 years to spend on Pinterest so if someone can enlighten me about how to find and join group boards that would be stellar. I draw the line at selling my soul to satan. Not worth it.


  1. Cute ideas for Halloween, Jo Ann! You have some nice autumn pictures on Pinterest. I’d like to save some to my nature and autumn boards if you don’t mind. (I’ve run across people who do mind, so I thought I’d ask.)

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    • You’re welcome. Yes I really liked the ghost cupcakes. I was also amazed at how many food items can be made to look like mummies.
      The candy apple cake looks good but almost seems like something you might need to throw up afterward cuz the intense sweetness would freak out the stomach. 😝

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      • Much depends on the cake that lurks beneath – get that right and the whole package works. Just the picture alone mesmerizes.

        How about this? The apple cake charms the eye, whereas the cupcake reserves a little something for the stomach too.

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      • Yes, I forget that these days cakes have become visionary works of art what with all the cake shows on tv now. Yet I often wonder if anyone actually eats those cakes when they get done. At that point it would be a bit like eating an oil painting.

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