Reblog: Mental health from the other side

Mental health from the other side is a blog about a woman who both worked as a mental health nurse while also trying to cope with her own mental health issues.

A couple of posts I found particular engaging:

10 myths and facts about mental illness and Ever been bullied by colleagues in mental health?

I myself experienced an incident of workplace bullying and harrassment. What really floored me is when I reported it and my managers made it seem like it was me that was creating all the problems. This is despite two other people reporting having the same problems with this same coworker and also despite the company having a posted policy of not condoning harassment. Imagine my surprise then when nothing whatsoever was done about this person. Anyway, I related to this post.

From Ever been bullied by colleagues in mental health? Unfortunately I came across many bullies when working in mental health environments – the very place where the staff have been trained to care for people, to provide preceptorship supervision and mentorship to their colleagues


  1. I found this post in reader and oh! It’s so sad but very powerful. I went through deep depression during my teens and early twenties and the stigma was very real. Adults can be the worst bullies because they’re more sophisticated with it. I’m sorry you endured such horrible treatment. Know that it says more about them than it does you. You’re a very brave lady and I thank you for telling your story!

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  2. Exactly, JoAnn – it goes back to your post a month or so ago, about caregivers often being the most vulnerable. Particularly as many don’t expect them to have problems.

    Bullying is markedly vicious in this context, as caregivers must look not only after their patients, but also must worry about colleagues. “I’m trying to help, and this is the thanks I get?”

    Adult bullying is more corrosive than is its childhood counterpart, because youthful weapons go from the immediate – physical intimidation and taunting – to the more acidic “grownup” torments of smugness, petulance and resentment.

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  3. Thank you so much JoAnn. For reading my post and re-blogging it. And oh my word, I get where you’re coming from! My superiors once said of a complaint I made – we just think it’s a clash of personalities! Yeah right! He was giving out unprescribed anti-psychotics and I spoke to him about it – I was in the wrong. Go figure! x

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  4. I know what you mean…. friends and families sometimes cause the worse pain…. I am an anxious person and people enjoy triggering me to watch me stumble… to prove that they are superior….

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