Memo at Midnight: Don’t let Christmas stress you out

Christmastime can be stressful. There’s so much pressure to have “the best time of the year.”

I don’t even consider myself to be a religious person per se but I do like to remind people that Christmas is about celebrating Christ’s birth. Everything else is just added on muck.

All those Christmas commercials that make you feel like you need to live the perfect life are just there to tug at your heartstrings and get you to spend your money.

Maybe you don’t have the money you think you should, the friends you think you should, the love you think you should have. Maybe you won’t be able to spend Christmas with the ones you love for whatever reason. Maybe you’re dealing with a myriad of other problems.

Don’t let it all get you down. Just breathe and do the best you can!

Happy holidays everyone!!

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  1. Definitely confirm this, JoAnn, as my first Christmas post-graduation was spent hundreds of miles away from family, friends, etc. Never realized how much I enjoyed the holidays until I did without.

    I still made do, and managed to salvage some enjoyment, and it also provided insight into, (and sympathy for) those who try to overcome holiday solitude.

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  2. My husband and I don’t celebrate it as a religious holiday. The church has timed Christmas in December because it was a pagan feast, the winter solstice. They thought that it would be easier to convert them to Christianity that way. The orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas on 6 January, the Holy Three Kings (Magi) day.
    There is nothing much religious about Santa Claus, is there? 😉

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