Reblog: The subject of bullying…

I think almost everyone has experienced bullying at some point in their lives… even the people who are doing the bullying… some of us have had it worse than others though and it has affected us in traumatic ways.

That’s why I was so glad to find this great blog dedicated to talking about the subject of bullying: The ramifications of bullying are far reaching and can lead to mental health problems, violence, suicide and a host of other problems. Please check it out… below I’ve listed some links to a few blog posts that I found particularly engaging.

Thank you and good mental health to everyone!

How to Fight Narcissistic Bullies? Just Sit Back and Give Them Plenty of Rope!

When I Look Back, I Don’t Wish I’d Been More Popular, and I Wish I’d Been More Secure and Loved Myself More.


  1. Thanks for the links, JoAnn. Lots of thoughtful articles that will keep me occupied for quite a while.

    As bullies target those with low self-esteem, people often figure the opposite is true of bullies, that their overbearing natures speak of abundant self-worth.

    Not at all. Truth is,bullies tend to think poorly of themselves. After all, lashing out and disparaging others hardly are the actions of someone confident of his/her place in the world. As you mention too, bullies often (almost always, in fact) had their own bullies once who deformed them.

    Not to excuse bullies, of course, but to explain them. This was their path.

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    • Very true. Bullying is often a learned behavior. Kids that get bullied by someone in their family may turn and bully classmates because that’s what they’ve learned to do. Also, most bullies, in my experience, have a very fragile self-image. Controlling other people in negative ways makes them feel better about themselves for some reason.

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