New apps/websites for Covid-19/Coronavirus

I heard about the new Covid-19 app being rolled out and so I went to my app store. It turns out there are several apps now that are designed to help us navigate and screen ourselves for the virus.

The big one just released is from Apple:

Don’t have an Apple device? Plug the above address into your PC and you can access the information and screen yourself for the virus as well. (I did the screening process and it was very short.) Here’s an article from Entrepreneur with a little more info:

The scientists at Carnegie Mellon University have developed another app/website for Covid-19 and claims that it can evaluate coronavirus through recording your voice:

Unlike the Apple system, wherein you can use it anonymously, the Carnegie Mellon system requires signing up first. I’m actually going to try it for myself. Here an article with more info:

Hope everyone is staying healthy!


    • Oh glad to hear you don’t have symptoms. I don’t believe have it either but still feel paranoid over a little stuffiness or hay fever sneeze. 🤔


  1. Ah, CMU! It’s one of our local universities, and your recognition thrills.

    Like you, I’ve let typical early spring allergies freak me out. A sniffle, minus any other symptoms, and I worry it’s the virus. Never mind that I’m doing everything “right,” including washing my hands, like, 17.843 times an hour. No matter.

    This has to be “it,” the big one. I’m coming to see you, Elizabeth!

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      • Yes I did, completely failing to consider you may not have seen the same re-runs I have, and that the reference would have no meaning. I refer to “Sanford & Son.”

        In it, when Fred Sanford (Red Foxx) heard something that surprised or shocked him, he’d clutch his chest and moan, “This is it. The big one. I’m coming to see you, Elizabeth!” (his late wife).

        Oh, and congratulations on catching the clue! I’ll make the next more a little more challenging. A bit at a time. I’m really making you work for this, aren’t I? Drip-Drip-Drip!

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