Just another coronavirus meme

If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry – I don’t know who came up with this saying. There doesn’t seem to be a clear origin… but truer words have never been spoken!

Right at this moment I could see myself spending all day crying my eyes out and screaming my head off like a mad woman. Instead though, I’m going to make up more of these stupid memes to post for y’all. It’s quite fun as well as being a more positive and constructive outlet for my sheer and intense grief.

Hope everyone is surviving!


  1. I remember reading that an old-time blues singer in the South once told some academic recording his music: “When you see me laughing, it’s to keep from crying.” Legend or not, the bluesman and you have good advice for trying times.

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  2. Beautiful, JoAnn! Exactly what we need, it keeps life going while we find a way through this. After this is over, yes, we’re alive, but did we remember to live? If we read JoAnn’s blog we did.

    Couldn’t believe it at first, until I verified it later, Corona’s sales were down drastically after it became clear the virus was spreading. Really, people, this is your response – idiocy? After this is over, wait until we get the first news of a chickenpox outbreak among elementary school students. Look for Tyson’s sales to plummet.

    Free investment advice right there, and I’m not even a broker or a mutual fund manager.

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