Reblog: PALMIS THORAN, unique coconut recipe

Looking for something a little different, try this unique coconut recipe from fellow blogger, Fragrant Flowers and Recipes

PALMIS is found right underneath the leaves of the coconut tree. This delicacy’s taste we will never forget this tastes a bit like mushroom. PROCESS …



  1. You’re right, JoAnn, definitely unique…and interesting.

    From what I’ve seen at the link you provided, “Palmis” is what we in the US call “hearts of palm.” Surprisingly, it’s available in the local supermarket, right next to the canned artichokes.

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    • Oh yes. I have heard of that. There was a time in my life that I would try just about anything when it comes to food. These days I’m pickier and wouldn’t mind having a kid around like Mikey from the cereal commercials. If that kid eats it it might just be ok. 🙂
      Have you tried it??

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      • Sure, only once, though. Which means I have no way of telling if what I sampled was representative. It seemed to be similar, both in taste and in texture, to artichoke hearts. Maybe with few traces of sunchokes thrown in. To be honest, not bad at all, but nothing I’d make a special effort to try again. Not when artichokes are just as good, cheaper, and are much more readily available.

        Hearts of palm get a Michelin star, but only one.

        Oh, Mikey. I like it! Have you seem the new Mikey, as in, This-Time-She’s-a-Girl?

        Just as well, because the most impeccable second-grade rumor I heard informed me the original Mikey ate a bunch of Pop-Rocks, then drank a liter of Coke, and his stomach exploded. Serves him right for trying that disgusting combo.

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      • Oh wow, lol. I did not know about the pop rocks rumor. Luckily it sounds like the guy is still alive. 😄
        Actually the “new” commercial is pretty old now I believe as I remember it first being aired several years ago. The girl that plays the sister looks like Hailee Steinfeld who is 23 now. There isn’t that much concrete info on any of this though. So much secrecy! Either it’s a conspiracy or I’m just spending too much time at home. 😳

        I’m not that much of a fan of artichoke hearts so I’m thinking I might not like hearts of palm. I’m a surprisingly picky foodie.

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