Halloween: More popular than Christmas? Here’s why that may be true

I’ve noticed an interesting trend the last few years, especially amongst the twenty-somethings that I know. They love Halloween but Christmas is just blah. I found this to be quite surprising and wondered why this would be so. After thinking about it a bit though, it did start to make sense in a lot of ways. Yes, I do think I understand it now. Allow me to elucidate.

23 reasons why Halloween may be more popular than Christmas

1. No pressure to have “the best time of the year.”

2. No need to buy a bunch of crap you can’t afford for people that you’re not even sure they’ll like.

3. Stephen King is more popular on Twitter than Christmas.

Christmas Coutdown followers: 280K

Santa Claus followers: 380K

Stephen King followers: 6 million

IT: Chapter Two hit Blu-ray today - check out Stephen King's cameo в 2020 г  | Стивен кинг
Stephen King’s It movie cameo

4. You can indulge in your dark side a bit.

5. No pressure to visit or be in the same room as family/relatives.

6. No need to pretend to be happy and joyous.

7. Lots of free candy. Hello? Coronavirus free of course!

8. Not to mention, all those wonderful Halloween spirits.

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com

9. You can be grumpy and antisocial.

10. You can play dress up and play around with make-up.

11. You can pretend to be your favorite character.

12. Halloween trees. Confused? Check out this Christmas Tree board on Pinterest.

(also check out my Halloween Pinterest board)

13. Some people choose to dress sexy.

14. Black is sleek and slimming.

15. Awesome Halloween movies, in varrying degrees of scariness/spookiness/grossness.


Beloved movie that, on a scale of 1 to 10, is about a 3 on the scary/spooky/gross scale.

16. No bad feelings derived from not having the perfect family/life.

17. The mystery and the sustained popularity of Edgar Allen Poe.

18. It fuels the immagination and helps us believe in magic.

19. You can dress up your babies.

20. You can dress up your pets as well.

21. “We’re all [a little] mad here.” – Alice in Wonderland

22. Millions of carved pumpkins just can’t be wrong.

23. No annoying Christmas music… need I say more!

Happy Halloween!!

Best of Halloween on Pinterest

A list of the worst Halloween candy

Photo by Toni Cuenca on Pexels.com


  1. I love to decorate for any reason. Snowmen are for Jan thru the end of Feb, spring decor with St Pats and Easter in there somewhere, summer with a few holidays and cats!, September I have some fall stuff, October is Halloween, then serious fall things til the Friday after Thanksgiving when I start Christmas! Oddly, I don’t have a LOT of decor for each time of the year, but I have enough!! Except for a skeleton. I really really want one of those. I may get one after the larger ones go on discount..or perhaps a dragon!!!!!!!

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  2. OK, JoAnn, Cop-Out of Cop-Outs, but can I say I savor both?

    As an only-somewhat lapsed Lutheran, let me speak up for Christmas. In the best sense, which applies for tens of millions, there’s the generosity, the hospitality and the memories. The coziness, the hope and the anticipation too.

    That said, many of these show up around Halloween also. Plus, you’ve got the deliciously warming chill of the subtly mysterious. A hint of smoke floating on the crisp air. Think of the shadows skulking just beyond the flickering light, as opposed to Jason or Freddy. Plus, the overall aesthetic is so much more interesting.

    You mention Christmas music. There are some genuinely magical Xmas songs you’ll hear, if you’re lucky, maybe once a season. Meanwhile, by Thanksgiving you’re seething, “If I hear ‘White Christmas’ one more fikkin’ time…”

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    • I still like Christmas… although it’s likely much easier for me to take it or leave it since I wasn’t raised to celebrate it. I do wish that it was observed in a way that’s more reverent to it’s true meaning…. as opposed to having it be exploited as a commercial windfall for retailers. Then again, I suppose that’s just the American way.

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      • That makes sense, JoAnn. As it wasn’t much of presence until your adult years, you have no childhood nostalgia to enrich your Christmas recollections.

        Truth be be told, some years, everything wrapped up with Christmas is so overwhelming, I actually gasp in relief when it’s over. Then, within a month I crave its return.

        Not so much with Halloween. Sure, it lacks moments of pure joy; more like a low-to-medium-grade thrill throughout the season. Still, on November 1 I never express gratitude THAT’S over.

        Let’s just say, with Halloween, year-round, I’m either anticipating, or savoring.

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        • That’s true. I do like Christmas but it can be overwhelming in a lot of ways. The buildup and the expectations are high. I guess the best way to handle it is just like everything else… embrace the positive and reject the negative… as best as possible anyway. 🙂

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  3. I enjoy not having one of the year’s several dysfunctional family gatherings. My wife is Jewish, so we’ve got 4 holy days every year plus a couple of secular national holidays. As a nudie myself, Halloween can get interesting.

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