Live, laugh, learn, repeat.

I’m a BPD success story… well sort of anyway. I still struggle with a few things here and there, but I never stop working on getting better… not until I’m the best I can be!

I’ve been in rocovery for BPD (borderline personality disorder) for many years. I’ve been at rock bottom more times than I can count. The ground actually became my only friend for quite a while. BPD is not an easy condition to recover from at all, but I’m here to say it can be done.

Through it all I’ve learned so much… passing on hope and knowledge is one of the best things you can do for other people so here I am.


I’m definitely more than my disorder. In addition to topics of mental health, on this blog I often talk about food, fashion, living in Florida and really anything else that strikes my fancy at any given moment. Go where the wind takes you, I say.

Recently a fellow blogger wrote the following review of one of my posts: Blog Review: The Power of Music. I was truly astounded and humbled. My writing is often the result of the brain pulp falling out of my head so I’m always grateful to know that other people can relate and connect to what I’ve written.

Welcome to Midnight Harmony and thanks for visiting!

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(Marie and I at Magic Kingdom)