Live, laugh, learn, repeat.

I’m a BPD success story… well, sort of anyway. I still struggle with a few things but I never stop working on getting better.

I’ve been in recovery for BPD (borderline personality disorder) and social anxiety for many years. I’ve been at rock bottom more times than I can count. The ground actually became my only friend for a while. BPD is not easy to recover from at all.

I’ve learned a lot and I still continue to learn—mental health is a vast and complex subject. Passing on hope and knowledge is one of the best things you can do for other people so here I am.


I consider this blog to be one more step in my revocery process. I’m like an explorer embarked on a continous search for clarity…. or some sh*t like that.

As of 1/26/21, in keeping with the overall theme of this blog, all of my posts will be scheduled for midnight. I generally post once or twice a week in one of follow categories:

Moody Mondays: Monday, everyone’s favorite day of the week, is always dedicated to mental health topics.

Wednesday: Typically a post on some kind of lighter topic… coconuts, flowers, fashion, funny things, etc.

Friday: On occasion I post reblogs or other interesting tidbits from around the web.

Welcome to Midnight Harmony and thanks for visiting!

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Recently a fellow blogger wrote the following review of one of my posts: Blog Review: The Power of Music. I was truly astounded, grateful and humbled.

(Marie and I at Magic Kingdom)


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